Equine wormer: Eqvalan Duo

Equine wormer: Eqvalan Duo

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Eqvalan Duo is a combination dewormer with two active ingredients targeting a broad spectrum of equine internal parasites including all three species of Tapeworm and all three species of Bots.

Eqvalan Duo is also safe to use for pregnant and lactating mares as well as foals from 2 months of age.

Active Ingredients: Ivermectin and Praziquantel.

Effective Against: Large & small Strongyles,  Pinworms, Lungworms, Ascarids, Stomach worms, Intestinal threadworms, Cutaneous worms, Bots, Hairworms, Neck threadworms & Tapeworm

Season: Spring/Autumn.

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