Equine wormer: Bimectin paste

Equine wormer: Bimectin paste

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Bimectin equine dewormer is effective for the rapid treatment of a wide range of parasitic infestations in horses, ponies, mares and foals. The apple flavoured gel formulation is both palatable and quickly absorbed.

Active Ingredient: Ivermectin.

Effective Against: Large & small Strongyles,  Pinworms, Lungworms, Ascarids, Stomach worms, Intestinal threadworms, Cutaneous worms, Bots, Hairworms, Neck threadworms

Season: Summer/Winter.

Safe for foals and lactating mares throughout pregnancy. Each syringe will effectively dose upto 600kg bodyweight.

Bimectin is not licensed for worming donkeys.

* Bulk deals available. Contact: salesteam@breezeupcollection.com

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